Swarovski Corporate Gifts


With over 100 years of creative innovation and a rich tradition of technological perfection, Swarovski, the world leader in cut crystal, has transformed gift giving into an art form.
Recognized and trusted worldwide for its distinctive style and superior quality, Swarovski offers unique incentive and business gift ideas that deliver your sentiments with sophistication and elegance.

CRYSTAL MONKEYS offers in the B2B area, Corporate Gifts from Swarovski to companies, which give those products to their customers, employees etc.
These products are part of the assortment, which is offered in the 2000 Swarovski-Shops (in Swarovski packing).
This offer is extended by the DSE Collection.





  • Jewellery
  • Leather
  • Leather
  • Men
  • Cover
  • Christams
  • Disney
  • Watches
Jewellery1 Leather2 Leather3 Men4 Cover5 Christams6 Disney7 Watches8


Implexions - Embedded Crystal

IMPLEXIONS has developed a unique technology which allows us to embed precious crystals from Swarovski® in high-quality plexi glass without any seams and bubbles; a fascinating illusion of floating, glittering forms and elements comes true.

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